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Subject: 2019 Board Election Results

OASIS is pleased to announce the results of the 2019 Annual Board of Directors election.

Daniel Riedel of New Context Services was elected and Martin Chapman of Oracle, Jason Keirstead of IBM, Beth Pumo of Kaiser Permanente and Bruce Rich of Cryptsoft were reelected. These five directors will serve two year terms starting July 2019.

OASIS extends our gratitude to Jim Cabral of MTG Management Consultants for his service to the board since his election in 2018. While his tenure was short, his positive impact on the board was significant.Â

And most of all, we thank all the members of OASIS who participated in the board election process. We appreciate your effort to nominate wonderfully qualified candidates, carefully consider all candidates and most importantly - to vote. Your efforts in support of our member selected governance continue to provide OASIS with great board leadership and plays a significant role in our continued success. We all benefit from your efforts.


Scott McGrath

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