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Subject: OASIS launches OriginBX for global trade compliance

OASIS officially announced theÂOriginBX Open ProjectÂtoday, with a feature article inÂGlobal Trade ReviewThe group will be defining open source standards that let digital tax and trade attribute attestations be transmitted with legacy and blockchain platforms. Their work will facilitate the cross-border exchange of product data using a globally universal, consistent message set.

Our thanks to the founding sponsors: Accenture, Amazon, CompTIA, GTPA, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Inveniam, KYG.Trade, Origin Experts, Skuchain, Thomson Reuters, and UPS.

Please consider amplifying our OriginBXÂpress releaseTwitterLinkedIn, andÂFacebookÂposts via your social media channels and LinkedIn Groups.

Everyone is welcome to contribute technically to this Open Project. Details will be posted to the GitHub site soon.

If your organization is interested in becoming an OriginBX sponsor and having a seat on its governing board, please let me know.




Chief Development Officer


+1 941-284-0403

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