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Subject: OASIS Board resignation


I am disappointed to report that Richard Struse has resigned his seat from the OASIS Open Board of Directors.

Named Distinguished Contributor in 2016 and first elected to the Board in a Special Election in January 2018, Rich influenced the evolution of the board operations with his experience and insight.Â

A compelling presence at the podium, Rich was often seen at events and conferences around the world sharingÂhis cyber threat managementÂexpertise. He skillfully raisedÂthe visibility of OASIS, the CTI committee he co-chaired and the larger cyber community in OASIS. These efforts helped grow the OASIS body of work in cyberspace technologies.

Going forward, we hope to see Rich Struse working with OASIS in various ways as his role in the community evolves and as his schedule allows.

A Special Election will be held later this year to fill the vacated seat,Âwatch for the announcement..

Many thanks to Rich for his service and contributions to OASIS, we are a better organization for it.



Chief Operating Officer


+1 781-569-5115 Desk
+1 781-929-7308 Mobile

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