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Subject: OASIS Board seats now available to Special Election


The OASIS Open Board of Directors has two open seats available for your nomination and election! This unique opportunity to join the Board mid-term was created by two long-term board members whose circumstances changed and required their resignation over the last year.Â

This could be your chance to join the board and expand your visibility and influence on the strategic mission of OASIS. If you are not ready to serve, Members can also nominate theirÂpeers who would be a good addition.ÂÂ

YouÂcan see the scheduleÂand process at https://www.oasis-open.org/election-process/

If you are interested in learning more, contactÂme, or any senior staff for a confidential conversation. Talk to a current Board MemberÂro learnÂdirectly what is involved.

The deadline for nominations is 17 November. Don't delay!




Chief Operating Officer


+1 781-569-5115 Desk
+1 781-929-7308 Mobile

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