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Subject: OSLC Tracked Resource Set v3.0 Project Specification 01 approved by the OSLC Open Project

OASIS is pleased to announce that OSLC Tracked Resource Set Version 3.0 from the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Open Project [1] has been approved as an OASIS Project Specification.

Managing change and configuration in a complex systems development lifecycle is very difficult, especially in heterogeneous environments that include homegrown tools, open source projects, and commercial tools from different vendors. The OSLC initiative applies World Wide Web and Linked Data principles to enable interoperation of change, configuration, and asset management processes across a product's entire application and product lifecycle.

The Tracked Resource Set protocol allows a server to expose a set of resources in a way that allows clients to discover that set of resources, to track additions to and removals from the set, and to track state changes to the resources in the set. The protocol does not assume that clients will dereference the resources, but they could do so. The protocol is suitable for dealing with sets containing a large number of resources, as well as highly active resource sets that undergo continual change. The protocol is HTTP-based and follows RESTful principles.

This Project Specification is an OASIS deliverable, completed and approved by the OP's Project Governing Board and fully ready for testing and implementation. The applicable open source licenses can be found in the project's administrative repository at https://github.com/oslc-op/oslc-admin/blob/master/LICENSE.md.

The specification and related files are available at:

OSLC Tracked Resource Set Version 3.0
Project Specification 01
07 February 2022

- OSLC Tracked Resource Set Version 3.0. Part 1: Specification

- OSLC Tracked Resource Set Version 3.0. Part 2: Vocabulary

- OSLC Tracked Resource Set Version 3.0. Part 3: Constraints

- OSLC Tracked Resource Set RDF Vocabulary definitions file:

- OSLC Tracked Resource Set Resource Shape Constraints definitions file:

Distribution ZIP file

For your convenience, OASIS provides a complete package of the specification and related files in a ZIP distribution file. You can download the ZIP file at:

Members of the OSLC OP Project Governing Board approved this specification by Special Majority Votes [2] as required by the Open Project rules [3].

Our congratulations to the participants and contributors in the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Open Project on their achieving this milestone.

========== Additional references:

[1] Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Open Project

[2] Approval ballot:
- https://lists.oasis-open-projects.org/g/oslc-op-pgb/message/220

[3] https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/open-projects-process/

Paul Knight

Document Process


+1 781 425 5073

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