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Subject: New sponsorship options for OASIS

We're updating the OASIS sponsorship model to provide more consistency across our Technical Committee and Open Project programs.ÂThese changes will allow membersÂto directly fundÂspecialÂservicesÂand receive added recognitionÂforÂtheir support.

These updates do not impose any changes on your current membership. They simplyÂoffer more opportunities and options.

The updates include:

1) AddingÂ"Premier"Âsponsorship level for Open Projects
  • Annual dues are $60K regardless of an organization's size.
  • Sponsorship is OP specific, e.g.,Â"OCA Premier Sponsor".
  • A percentageÂof a Premier'sÂdues can be used to fund supplementalÂservicesÂneeded byÂthe OP.
  • Current OPÂGeneral SponsorÂbenefits andÂdues are unchanged.Â
2) RenamingÂ"TC Foundational Sponsor"ÂtoÂ"TC Premier Sponsor"Â
  • Annual dues are $60K regardless ofÂan organization'sÂsize.
  • A percentage of a Premier'sÂdues can be used to fund special activities.
3)ÂExpandingÂ"OASIS Foundational Sponsor"Âlevel to includeÂmembersÂthat fund multiple projects
  • Any member that provides $70K or more in annual funding forÂTCs, Open Projects, and/or Technical Advisory Groups nowÂqualifies.
Details can be found on our Join page. Staff will also be available to discuss these updates at upcoming OP and TC meetings. Of course, we're always happy to have one-on-one discussions--just contact me directly.




Chief Development Officer


+1 941-284-0403

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