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Subject: OASIS Board Nomination and Election Schedule

OASIS Members-

The 2023 Board nomination and electionÂschedule is posted atÂhttps://www.oasis-open.org/election-process. Nominations close Friday 5 May.ÂÂÂThe nomination and selection of board members is driven by members, so your involvement is critical.

With 5 two-year seats available for your nomination and election, OASIS seeks candidates that reflect and represent the diverse nature of the global OASIS member base.ÂÂBoard members bring their experience and insights to the board and help grow the influence of the consortium while impacting the strategic direction. With your help we can select Board members who will help OASIS in our continual growth and evolution.

If you are interested, have a candidate in mind or just want to know more about the requirements and process - contact me for a confidential conversation. I welcome everyone seeking more insight on the strategic direction of OASIS to contactÂExecutive Director Francis Beland atÂfrancis.beland@oasis-open.org

Looking forward to an exciting election process!




Chief Operating Officer



+1 781-929-7308 Mobile

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