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Subject: Seeking feedback on OASIS best practice draft document

Attention: TC Chairs, Secretaries, and Editors
Dear Chairs, Secretaries, and Editors,

Chairs please forward this email to your secretaries and editors.

The OASIS Board Process committee has been working on a series of best current practice documents to simplify how work is done at OASIS and ultimately make things easier for chairs and editors.

The first document we would like you all to review is called âThe Document Life Cycle for TCsâ. This document provides guidance on how work products in the OASIS Technical Committee (TC) program progress through the various development stages of a documentâs lifecycle. This document also defines three optional standing rules that a TC may enact. These standing rules simplify when ballots are needed, clarify when and how approvals are done, can reduce voting fatigue, and can reduce delays due to administrative process. These can be adopted on a document by document basis or be adopted globally by the TC for all documents. In the latter case, a TC may consider doing this during the formation of the TC.

Please review the attached PDF document and provide feedback, comments, and suggestions by December 22nd via the Github issue tracker, the Google Doc, or by sending them directly to myself and Chet. Â

Google Doc Link:

Github issue for this document:

If you have any concerns please feel free to reach out to me directly or to Chet the OASIS Admin.

Bret Jordan
Chair OASIS Board Process Committee

Attachment: The Document Life Cycle for TCs.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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