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Subject: [mgmtprotocol] First Meeting - Conference Call - Wednesday,July 31st 10am PDT


This will be our first official meeting (conference call) for the
Management Protocol Technical Meeting of OASIS. The information has been
posted our web site at

First Meeting - Conference Call July 31st 10am PDT
Duration for First Call - 2 hours
Dial in Number: 888-742-8686
International: 303-928-2600
Conference ID: 3006522

Proposed agenda for the first call.

Role call and introductions.

Assigning Additional Roles and Responsibilities
- Membership and Recording Secretary
- Web Site Maintainer
- Liaison with other Organizations

Review Schedule
- Deliverables & Dates - Management Protocol Specification, June 2003
- Call every Wednesday 10am Pacific

Review Scope
The purpose of the Management Protocol TC is to develop open industry
standard management protocols to provide a web-based mechanism to
monitor and control managed elements in a distributed environment based
on industry accepted management models, methods, and operations,
including, OMI, XML, SOAP, DMTF CIM, and DMTF CIM Operations. This work
will help consolidate and deliver an industry standards protocol for
managing desktops, services, and networks across an enterprise or
internet environments. 

Discuss Process and Submissions

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