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Subject: [mgmtprotocol] Requirement for management server?

Greetins, the list has been quiet for awhile so I thought I stir it up a
bit. I have been playing with some use cases in preparation for our next
discussions.  In doing so, one of the things that seems like a requirement
is the need for a 'management server' or infrastructure.  Perhaps it is an
implementation detail versus a requirement but it seems fundamental in this
case.  This server would be similar to the CIMOM, the JMX server or the OMI
server in that it is an end point of the management communication (perhaps
standalone or as part of heirarchy).  One of the columns that we did not
complete in the common functions document was SNMP which provides a
management protocol without requiring a management infrastucture.

I have a lot more thoughts/questions in this area but I think I'll see what
opinions existed.

Richard Nikula
Product Architect
BMC Software 

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