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Subject: [mgmtprotocol] Conference Call - Wednesday, January 22nd 7am PST

This will be our 18th official meeting (conference call) for the
Management Protocol Technical Committee of OASIS and the third one for

Conference Call -  January 22nd 7am PST
Duration of Call - 1 hour
Dial in Number: 888-808-7889
International: 719-457-0701
Conference ID: 100346

Proposed agenda for the call.

Roll Call.

Approve minutes from the call of the December 18th. (thanks Hedy)


Proposed Agenda for Face-to-Face

1/27/03 Monday - Review Status
12 noon -  Meet in HP lobby. Veena will escort us to Lunch
1pm - Start Meeting
 - Introductions
- Administrative
  Approve Minutes
  Voting Status review and recommendations for additions and deletions
- Update on other activities
  Update on DMTF - Andrea
  Update on W3C - Heather
  Update on GGF - Ellen
  Discussion on XMLconf 
2pm Presentations of proposals
- Review Agreements
- WSDL Proposal - Ellen
- Other Proposals
3pm - 3:15 Break
3:15pm - 5:00pm Discussion and vote on how to proceed

1/28/03 Tuesday - Document creation
8:45am Meet in Lobby
9:00am Begin meeting
Review agreements.
Break in to groups to develop the;
1 Use Case document - From Richard's Presentation
2. Requirements Document - From Karl's Requirements document
3. WS - Management Protocol Specification - Document outline and owners
and sections where possible
12:00 - 1:00pm lunch
1:00pm - review Progress from each group
1:30pm - 5:00pm continue to complete documents
1/29/03 Wednesday - Document review
8:45am Meet in Lobby
9:00am Begin meeting
Review documents from Tuesday
Discuss steps toward making Committee Specifications
Assign owners to next steps
12 noon Adjourn

Winston Bumpus

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