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mqtt-comment message

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Subject: MQTT protocol



I am a project manager and SCADA architect for the STIB in Belgium.


It is the company who manage all the people transportation for Brussels.


That means 1500 vehicles and more than 7000 people.


I have a comment about the new MQTT protocol.


I think it is not a good idea to close the port in case of transmission errors.


I think that the protocol must be robust and throw wrong message.


Best regards




Description: STIB-MIVB_brussels_logo_CMJN




Georges Luel

Project Manager

InfoTech - Projects IT P - SIC P

Information Systems

Transport Systems

STIB-MIVB - rue Royale 76 Koningsstraat - Bruxelles 1000 Brussel

Tel: +32 2 563 80 58 - GSM: +32 499 866 549

E-mail: luelg@stib.irisnet.be - Web: www.stib.bewww.mivb.be





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