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Subject: Re: [mqtt-comment] $SYS topics on 2nd level


Thank you for the comments.

I'm very reticient about making a change like this to MQTT 3.11 at this point. Perhaps we could carry thid forward as an idea for the next version.


On 17 Mar 2014 20:40, "Tim Kellogg" <tim@2lemetry.com> wrote:

The 3.1.1 spec says that “#” subscriptions should not receive messages from topics starting with “$” as the first character of the topic.  At 2lemetry, our broker uses $SYS topics the same as Mosquitto does, except that “$SYS” is on the 2nd level of the topic. For instance, “com.example/$SYS” gives metadata for topics under “com.example/#”.

I think it would be appropriate to make the clause more generic, to include 2nd level $SYS topics.

Tim Kellogg
Sr. Software Engineer, Protocols

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