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Subject: Public review comments for mqtt-v3.1.1-csprd02: 1      Introduction

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[Note that this comment is about the non-normative Appendix B, which does not have a comment link.]

In the current draft’s non-normative Appendix B., many normative statements do not end with consistent punctuation.

For example (all items listed are missing an ending period, in addition to what is noted):

- [MQTT-1.4.0-1]

- [MQTT-2.2.2-1]

- [MQTT-2.3.1-7]

- [MQTT-3.1.2-1]

- [MQTT-3.1.2-6]

- [MQTT-3.1.2-8]

- [MQTT-3.1.2-11]

- [MQTT-3.1.3-2]

- [MQTT-3.1.3-4] (Ends in two periods)

- [MQTT-3.1.3-5]

- [MQTT-3.1.4-4]

- [MQTT-3.3.1-2]

- [MQTT-3.3.1-4]

- [MQTT-3.3.1-9]

- [MQTT-3.10.3-1] (Missing period, missing terminating ‘]’)

- [MQTT-3.14.4-3]

- [MQTT-] (Middle bullet item sentence missing ‘.’)

- [MQTT-4.3.3-1] (Entry has blank line at end)

- [MQTT-4.7.3-4]

- [MQTT-] (Extraneous trailing ‘]’ before ending period)

Additionally, there is inconsistency of numbering of the references themselves. Most are of the form [MQTT-a.b.c-#], where b and c are potentially zero for first and second level sections. However some are of the form [MQTT-a.b.c.d] as opposed to [MQTT-a.b.c.d-#]. The document itself has up to four sections: for example, “ Secured Transport Profile”, so I would suggest [MQTT-a.b.c.d-#] consistently, with zeros used to pad out missing depth.

Finally, [MQTT-1.4.0-n] are no longer in section 1.4.0. They are in section 1.5.3. There may be other instances of such “migration” as the document has changed. If the normative statements are meant to be anchored to the specification, they should be updated. Alternatively, the normative statements could be made absolutely sequential, and discard the section numbers, at the expense of ease of reference.



David Kemper
Principal Architect
TIBCO Software Inc.

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