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mqtt-sn message

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Subject: Webinar text

This is the proposal for the text to go out with the webinar announcement, please let me know if there are any issues/alterations.

MQTT for the Internet of Smaller Things

MQTT found success as a lightweight protocol for transporting messages for everything from home automation to racing cars. But what of the networks of tiny sensors? Devices that might be deployed in the field for weeks, months, years with processors so small they can't do TCP/IP? MQTT-SN (MQTT for Sensor Networks) is designed for situations where a tcp stack is too big, bytes are at a premium and devices need to go to sleep to preserve battery life; MQTT-SN brings the concepts you love from MQTT down to this smaller world.

Supported by expertise from IBM, u-blox, and others, the MQTT Technical Committee has embarked on an effort to bring the MQTT-SN specification into OASIS, review the protocol, achieve greater alignment with MQTT v5 and work towards standardisation. This work will provide a solid platform for implementors and integrators to offer and develop services targetting low power sensors while providing simple integration to existing MQTT deployments.

If you're looking for messaging over UDP, Lora, 6LoWPAN or other non TCP network, come along and learn more about MQTT-SN, the opportunities it offers and why you should get involved.

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