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mqtt message

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Subject: Co-Chair nominations for the MQTT TC

I am please to nominate for Co-Chairs of the MQTT Technical Committee, Richard Coppen and Raphael Cohen.  Both bring a great depth of experience designing, using, applying and developing MQTT related software and systems. Having Co-Chairs with a deep technical knowledge  of the MQTT protocol, as well as a sense of the value of standardization to industry growth, will be strong asset to the TC.

Richard is a software architect at IBM's UK Hursley Laboratory, with over 15 years in the development and test of middleware products, specializing in message queueing technologies.  As a Chartered Engineer and  Fellow of the BCS, Richard has a keen interest in subsystem integration and the application of MQTT  harness sensor data.

Raph is Co-Founder and Chief Architect of StormMQ which specializes in  cloud based message broker services. Raph is one of this TC's proposers and works as Secretary for the AMQP Technical Committee, a related specification at OASIS.

best regards...............Scott

Scott de Deugd

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