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mqtt message

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Subject: Introducing Machine-To-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi)

Ahead of the first MQTT meeting I would like to take this opportunity to introduce team M2Mi and our intention and expectations related to the evolution of MQTT and the broader awareness and adoption of the future output of this working group.

Lets start with M2Mi's viewpoint regarding MQTT. M2Mi has been a member of the MQTT google mailing group for some time. M2Mi is delighted to see MQTT enter into the OASIS open standards body, we see a definite need for a lightweight publish/subscribe broker that can be resident in both middleware and general end-point devices. Integration with the variety of M2M standards to enable rapid connectivity in a secure manner is key. We applaud IBM on it's efforts to further open standards and M2Mi aims to be a productive member of this OASIS TC in a vendor neutral manner.  The M2Mi presence in the OASIS MQTT working group is really a sign of our commitment to the efforts of the group as a whole.

As the name of our seven year old company implies - "Machine-To-Machine Intelligence" we have been very active in this field and gained a significant amount of traction in our pursuit of providing secure device to and through data center connectivity. M2Mi has been a leader in the M2M space for some time and trusts to extend that leadership with meaningful contributions to the OASIS TC working group. M2Mi supports a significant amount of production heterogenous, multi-vendor infrastructure solutions.  M2Mi's architecture is "carrier class" which is born out both by our customers and partners.

Personally as founding CEO of M2Mi, my background is 20+ years in the field of computing (originally) form the UK, during this time I have worked extensively in the field of Enterprise Scalable Systems with a practical focus on messaging. I have been an active participant in the OASIS Business Transaction Protocol specification, served as an origin contributor for the Java Messaging Service (JMS) v0.01 (August 1997) and personally brokered the adoption and integration of IBM MQ Series with Oracle's Messaging Broker - working closely with the IBM UK. I also remember a couple of the current IBM members in the MQTT working group and as such I welcome the opportunity to work with you again, al be it this time around in a vendor neutral capacity. I also serve as the Chairman of the Silicon Valley CTO Professionals group and separately as the Chairman of the Silicon Valley Infrastructure and Networking Group, both groups act as potentially excellent venues for supporting the mission of MQTT... if desired ? Personally, I am an optimistic business technical person and I look forward to helping as much as I can.

My profile can be found at :


Regarding nominations for a Technical Chair for this group, I can tender my nomination if requested or I am quite happy to support the group's consensus. It would be good to know who else is willing to participate as a TC. 

Ideally, I trust that we can be all share a positive and open mind regarding the evolution of MQTT now that we all wish to become a broadly adopted standard.

In addition, M2Mi would also like to offer it's premises as a meeting venue for the next OASIS MQTT meeting.

Due to logistical reasons I will be attending our first meeting via teleconference.

Thanks for your time reading this message and I look forward to working with you.

All the best,

Geoff Brown
CEO & Founder

Machine-To-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation
NASA Research Park
Building 19, #2063
Moffett Field, CA 94035

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