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Subject: Security Subcommittee: call for participation


During our telephone call on the 3rd of July, the MQTT TC elected to create a Subcommittee (SC) to focus on Security considerations. 
The SC will help define an appropriate level of security guidance and support the TC in meeting its core standardization objectives.

Geoff Brown will lead the new MQTT Security SC and a kick-off call has been scheduled for Monday the 22nd of July. 

This is an important topic and open to all members / observers of the MQTT TC. I encourage you all to participate in the kick-off call and the wider security discussion.

In terms of a OASIS process, a few things to note:

- The SC will be bound by it parent TC's charter. 
- Voting rights remain with the MQTT TC. 
- Participation in the security sub-committee won't count towards MQTT TC voting rights. 
- The sub-committee may use simple voting to reach consensus. 
- The MQTT TC will vote on adoption / inclusion of work product content. 

Best regards


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