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Subject: [public review comments] TC Admin comments on MQTT V3.1.1

Members of the MQTT,

TC Administration provides the following comments for the public
review of MQTT Version 3.1.1 Committee Specification Draft 01 / Public Review Draft 01 (http://docs.oasis-open.org/mqtt/mqtt/v3.1.1/csprd01/mqtt-v3.1.1-csprd01.html). We noted these during preparation of the draft. 

- Acknowledgements section 

We generally recommend making Acknowledgements the first appendix in a specification. In any case, we note that it is currently not tagged with a header and so is not listed in the Table of Contents. It appears that the ToC is tied tightly to references within the spec which may be why it is unnumbered. It should be listed in the ToC however and making it an appendix is probably the easiest way to do that without impacting the rest of the spec. 

- On the cover page of the specifications, we note if a spec supersedes or replaces another work. None was specified but we note that a non-normative reference to Version 3.1 is listed in the document. That link itself is broken. 

On a future review, just let us know if that prior spec should also be listed on the cover page. 

- The formatting of the section headers appears to have been changed in some way. We had to fix the headers in publishing the specification. Please reapply the header styles in your working draft. 

- In addition to the broken link to MQTT V3.1 Protocol Specification mentioned above, in the non-normative references section the link for  [NSAB]  NSA Suite B Cryptography http://www.nsa.gov/ia/programs/suiteb_cryptography/ is broken. 

In section 5.1, the link to the NIST Cyber Security Framework doesn't exist yet but we understand that will be approved and published sometime in the future. 

Please let us know if you have any questions on these comments.  


Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
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