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Subject: Re: [mqtt] Statements of Use

Hello all,

We will also follow soon after the completion of the ballot. 


Alex Kritikos
Senior Director R&D 
Universal Messaging
Software AG

On 16 Μαϊ 2014, at 19:23, "Andrew Schofield" <andrew_schofield@uk.ibm.com> wrote:

We intend to submit a statement of use for a server implementation of MQTT 3.1.1 once the current ballot closes.

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From:        Richard J Coppen/UK/IBM@IBMGB
To:        mqtt@lists.oasis-open.org
Date:        15/05/2014 18:03
Subject:        [mqtt] Statements of Use
Sent by:        <mqtt@lists.oasis-open.org>

Hi all,

We're at the point in the OASIS standardisation process where we need to obtain Statements of Use for MQTT 3.1.1. This will enable us to proceed to Candidate OASIS Specification and then into the final stages of standardisation. The full OASIS process can be found here >
https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process < In summary, a statement of use if defined as follows:

"Statement of Use", with respect to a Committee Specification, is a written statement that a party has successfully used or implemented that specification in accordance with all or some of its conformance clauses specified in Section 2.18, identifying those clauses that apply, and stating whether its use included the interoperation of multiple independent implementations. The Statement of Use must be made to a specific version of the Committee Specification and must include the Specification's approval date. The party may be an OASIS Member or a non-member. In case of a non-member, the Statement of Use must be submitted on the TC comment-list. A TC may require a Statement of Use to include hyperlinks to documents, files or demonstration transcripts that enable TC members to evaluate the implementation or usage. A Statement of Use submitted to the TC must be approved by TC resolution as an acceptable Statement of Use with respect to the Committee Specification. A party can only issue one Statement of Use for a given specification. When issued by an OASIS Organizational Member, a Statement of Use must be endorsed by the Organizational Member's Primary Representative.

To qualify, an implementer just needs to notify the Technical Committee, by submitting their 'statement of use' to the mqtt-comment list (mqtt-comment@lists.oasis-open.org) TC Members may notify the TC via the TC's mailing list. This should be in the format of:

<insert name / org here> has successfully implemented the OASIS MQTT Version 3.1.1 Committee Specification <link to MQTT 3.1.1 Committee Specification> dated <nn may 2014>, in accordance with the conformance clauses <Client | Server | Both> defined in Section 7 Conformance of the specification. This use of the specification includes interoperation with other similar independent implementations.

The final link to the Committee Specification will be available once the current ballot closes. In terms of conformance clauses this will be the same as for CSD02 and our most recent 'non-material' update available here >
https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=52951&wg_abbrev=mqtt <

If you would like to submit (or propose) a Statement of Use for an MQTT 3.1.1 implementation please reply to this email and let the TC know.

Best regards


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