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Subject: MQTT 3.1.1 minor update to COS 02 required

Hi all, 

Hopefully you've now received notification of the successful completion of our TC ballot to approve MQTT 3.1.1 Candidate Oasis Specification 02 - with non-material changes - in readiness to submit to the OASIS membership. 

This is fantastic news: well done and thank you to everyone for all the hard work!

Shortly before the ballot closed, a small editorial issue relating to one of our references surfaced. Unfortunately this can only be addressed as 'approved errata' should we push ahead with the current text. 

Fixing the issue would require a non-normative change and the TC admins therefore suggest an alternative option: to correct COS 02 and then re-run the 7 day approval ballot. This makes a great deal of sense as it's no more expensive than the errata process, but with the added benefit of containing the fixing within the core authoritative source. 

The editors will prepare an updated COS 02 candidate for TC review on Thursday's TC call.

Apologies for the additional process burden at this late stage, but I think it's our best option.

Best regards


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