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Subject: Fwd: Question about MQTT, COS2 and meetings - comments on COS02 ballot draft

Sending to the TC list for clarity.

These were my notes on initial read of the current specification.

bill cox

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Subject: Question about MQTT, COS2 and meetings
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 13:41:08 -0400
From: William Cox <wtcox@CoxSoftwareArchitects.com>
To: coppen@uk.ibm.com

Richard -

I'm an observer of MQTT, and have started looking at the current state.

Do you allow observers to attend meetings? 

I also have several editorial comments about the MQTT ballot draft (ballot at https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ballot.php?id=2665 ). Overall I found the specification quite clear.
  1. The linked version, the authoritative .doc version, has changes shown. I would normally expect a clean version.
  2. Some links in the document are strange - the [RFC2119] link in section 1.1 points to the HTML of AMQP (!) at http://docs.oasis-open.org/amqp/core/v1.0/os/amqp-core-overview-v1.0-os.html#anchor-RFC2119 .  This should be an erratum.
  3. Yellow highlights. It's apparent after reading the entire document that they reflect the normative statements for conformance and are cited in Section 7 and Appendix B.. However the reference to that _expression_ and Appendix B is not explicitly stated, and should probably be in the introductory material. In OASIS specification I usually see this in an early section e.g. "Editing Conventions".


bill cox

William Cox
Email: wtcox@CoxSoftwareArchitects.com
Web: http://www.CoxSoftwareArchitects.com
+1 862 485 3696 mobile
+1 908 277 3460 fax

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