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mqtt message

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Subject: Reminder of Today's Meeting to Discuss JIRA-197

Dial-In Call to Further Discuss Request-Response JIRA (as requested at previous TC meeting).

All welcome; does not count towards voting rights.

1. Time of call
Tomorrow's (Wed 29th April) conference call will start at 11:00am EDT (4pm BST).

2. Host
I'll be hosting with Richard.

3. Agenda

a. Welcome
b. Discuss JIRA MQTT-197 Discussion ( https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/MQTT-197 )

4. Dial in Details
Dial in numbers are in the meeting invite and reproduced below:-

Conference call: AT&T dial-in Numbers

UNITED KINGDOM    Toll-Free:        0800-368-0638
UNITED KINGDOM    Caller Paid     0-20-30596451
Finland                        Caller Paid                   0-9-72519565
Finland                        Toll-Free                   0800-9-18357
France                         Caller Paid     0-170911580
France                         Toll-Free         0800-94-0558
Germany                     Caller Paid     0-69-2443-2290
Germany                     Toll-Free         0800-000-1018
USA                             Caller Paid     215-861-6239
USA                             Toll-Free         888-426-6840
Italy                              Caller Paid     0-2-00621263
Italy                              Toll-Free         800-975100

Participant Code:       will be sent separately.

OASIS chatroom link is http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/mqtt

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