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Subject: Committee Note on Request/Reply - Working Draft 02 uploaded

I've uploaded WD02 of the Request/Reply non-normative Committee Note. I was trying to make it easier to understand the discussion and proposals through minor edits.

If you use the members' view in the document archive, go to Committee Notes folder.

You'll see the clean PDF, "reqreply-v1 0-wd02.pdf".

The PDFs have line numbers, continuously numbered through the document, so we can reference specific places more easily in Jira, email, and discussions - these numbers do not depend on your standard printer or paper size.

Click on Actions to the right, then on Details to see the
  • PPTX for the figure
  • DOCX for WD02
  • PDF showing differences between WD01 and WD02
  • and the clean PDF.
I spent an hour talking with Shawn on proposed changes; he suggested moving the "rejected solutions" section to an Appendix (now in Appendix B).

The requirements list was not clear to me; with minimal changes I inserted a requirement statement and left the original text. A figure was needed to make the discussion clear; I created it in PPT and included it in the document. We would seem to need another figure near line 200. The discussion would perhaps be more clear without using single letters for the actors.

I clarified some other text, and cleaned up some formatting; what's there is still largely WD01.

EDITOR'S NOTES reflect things that IMO should be addressed in a future working draft.

Comments in Jira, please. The component is ReqRespMEP; until Jira is updated to show WD01, WD02 and their delivery dates plase mention WD02 in the description.



William Cox 

Email: wtcox@CoxSoftwareArchitects.com 

Web: http://www.CoxSoftwareArchitects.com 

+1 862 485 3696 mobile

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