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Subject: Request/reply discussion at Thursday's meeting

Hi all,

As you saw, I uploaded an updated draft of the Request/Reply document to the OASIS site.  The changes in this version are that I added the description of a solution option to provide a request/reply service for MQTT 3.1.1 which satisfies the requirements specified in the document.


Due to customer engagements, I am unable to attend the call this Thursday, but rather than wait another 2 weeks, David Horton (also from Solace) has agreed to present the solution to the group to start the education and feedback/comment process.


What we’d like to present from the document is:

-          Overview of the proposed request/reply solution

-          Discussion of issues related to MQTT3.1.1 which make adding this or any metadata extension to the PUBLISH (and perhaps other) packets very difficult.


Richard – could we please allocate some time for this discussion?


Thank you,


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