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mqtt message

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Subject: Query on MQTT 3.1.1 Session Take Over and Will Message Delivery


I request the guidance of the TC in interpreting the MQTT  Version 3.1.1 specification regarding the delivery of the Will message.


The specification does not seem to  specify if the will message should be delivered as a consequence of session take-over. (i.e. due to a second connection with the same client id)


From the specification:




478  Situations in which the Will Message is published include, but are not limited to:

479  - An I/O error or network failure detected by the Server.

480  - The Client fails to communicate within the Keep Alive time.

481  - The Client closes the Network Connection without first sending a DISCONNECT Packet.

482  - The Server closes the Network Connection because of a protocol error."


Later, in the table of Mandatory Normative Statements, it states the requirements a bit differently:


[MQTT-3.1.2-8] Mandatory Normative Statements (Page 71, no line numbers)


" ...  The Will Message MUST be published when the Network

Connection is subsequently closed unless the Will Message has been deleted by

the Server on receipt of a DISCONNECT Packet."


It isn’t clear (to me) what the correct behavior should be when session take-over occurs. There are several other confusing aspects to interpreting the normative text:

        - the term 'protocol error' appears only on line 482 (above) and is not defined.

        - the term 'protocol violation' is defined, but session eviction is not defined as a protocol violation.


I spotted this while investigating session the session behavior in connection with proposed  'server initiated disconnect messages'.


I wonder if this might need to be clarified in the MQTT 3.1.1 specification, even in the form of non-normative text.


Thank you

Ed Briggs

Microsoft Corporation




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