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Subject: Nomination of Raphael Cohn as Co-Chair


I'd very much like your support to continue serving you as your Co-Chair.

I offer a genuinely independent choice; I work for no-one but myself. That has been a powerful factor in the success of MQTT; it is through my efforts, and those of Richard, Dee and Carol, that we have engaged, persuaded and encouraged many organizations to use MQTT.  I have personally, at my own expense, represented MQTT at conferences in locations as diverse as Delhi and Pune, and have taken no-ones paycheck to do so. And have greatly enjoyed doing so.

I am also, proudly, not a standards-man; indeed, my pragmatic, developer-led perspective and deep knowledge of start-up business drivers, ambition and culture make me a strong counter to the siren call of enterprise; we should not forget that MQTT's success is due to the 'little' man adopting it - and, in no short part - the little man who doesn't live in the Western hemisphere. Where the ambitious little man goes, the big hefty enterprise inevitably stumbles after with a lumbering gait.

I would caution the TC that we should be careful to make sure that we continue to progress a standard fit for all, and not one that is for architects and standards bods long removed from the needs of our users. We must, at all costs, advance a standard for our users that is pragmatic for implementors.


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