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Subject: Please review WD11


WD11 is out and ready for review. 

It's a milestone one too. This is the first working draft addressing the Jira's features for our v5.0 charter. The next step is to refine this copy and get ready for our first MQTT v5.0 CSD. Please take some time to review and provide your feedback. 

Here's the link > https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/mqtt/download.php/60111/mqtt-v5.0-wd11.pdf <

To make things as easy as possible, the editors have requested that each TC member open one Jira containing their feedback comments. The editors can then process anything editorial, remove duplicates, and bring more substantial issues to the attention of the TC.

As always, please contact the chairs if there is anything you'd like on the agenda for our next TC call.

Happy reading and best regards


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