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mqtt message

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Subject: W3C TraceContext mapping for MQTT

Hi everyone,


Microsoftâs contributors to the W3C TraceContext effort [1] are interested in defining formal mappings of the trace context metadata to MQTT (and also to AMQP), because distributed tracing is becoming increasingly important.


The mapping can either happen close to the trace context specification spec in W3C or close to the MQTT spec in OASIS. The doc just needs to have an appropriate home where itâs discoverable by the implementing audience and should obviously do the mapping ârightâ for MQTT.


There may also be some feedback back to the Trace Context effort about the wire footprint impact. MQTT strives to be conservative about wire footprint, and the current shape of the Trace Context effort might be a bit too generous for some MQTT scenarios.


Iâd like to get the TCâs opinion about what the appropriate integration venue would be.





[1] https://w3c.github.io/trace-context/, https://github.com/w3c/trace-context


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