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Subject: Invitation to the first OpenC2 Plug Fest

Dear MQTT Technical Committee,

You may be aware of the fact that the Open Command and Control Technical Committee (OpenC2 TC) released its initial suite of specifications in July of this year. We are making efforts to promulgate the specifications and we are working on additional profiles and future versions.

I took the liberty of attaching a slide that I routinely use in OpenC2 briefings. We strive to maintain separation of concerns within the OpenC2 TC and as indicated in the attached slide, a specification such as OpenC2 is necessary, but insufficient for achieving responsive cyber defense. If I may be blunt, for OpenC2 to be effective, we need a standard such as MQTT.Â

USCYBERCOM has graciously offered to host a two day Plug Fest for OpenC2 on the week of January 27, 2020. The OpenC2 Plug Fest event will not be restricted to our TC or to OASIS members.Â

The OpenC2 TC invites MQTT TC members to participate in the pending Plug Fest. OpenC2 does provide the language for the commands and responses, but we do need to address external dependencies such as sensing, analytics, decision and the message fabric. The MQTT specification concisely addresses the message fabric and I believe that a use case that highlights the use of OpenC2 and MQTT would be very interesting. Insight from the MQTT TC members would be most valuable to us. ÂPlease consider this request.Â

Very Respectfully,

Joe Brule


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