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Subject: MQTT-SN spec contribution and next steps

Hi all,

Hopefully you have spotted the recent email and file upload confirming contribution of the MQTT-SN to the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee. You might have also spotted that the upload date coincided with MQTT's 20th birthday! The TC can now move forward in setting up a Sub-Committee to explore MQTT-SN. 

There has also been discussion re. setting up a new doc repository to home a MQTT TC Implementers guide and the licensing terms around that. Chet has proposed we follow the approach set by others TCs for example > https://github.com/oasis-tcs/dita-lwdita/blob/master/LICENSE.md < which packages the TC license and sets out contribution terms.

It has been a while since we had a TC call. Unless there are any objections over the next few days, I propose to setup a TC call for Thursday 28th November to bring the TC back together.

Best regards


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