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mqtt message

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Subject: Form submission from: Request a Subcommittee be created

Submitted on Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 18:30
Submitted by user:
Submitted values are:

Your name: Richard Coppen
TC name: MQTT
TC email address: mqtt@lists.oasis-open.org
Approval link:
Resolution to form the MQTT-SN Subcommittee of the MQTT Technical Committee
The MQTT Technical Committee was chartered to review the MQTT 3.1.1 input
specifi- cation and deliver enhancements to improve operation at scale,
error re- porting, provide support for Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs),
simplify extensibil- ity and improve performance. In addition, the charter
explicitly allows for addi- tional support for resource constrained MQTT
clients. While much of this work was delivered in the MQTT v5.0 OASIS
the TC is increasingly aware of growing need for messaging solutions
for very constrained devices often operating within unstructured data
The MQTT For Sensor Networks (MQTT-SN) specifi- cation defines a messaging
protocol ideally suited for this type of environment and

is by design related to MQTT. While this is a pre-existing and publicly
available specification, it is not recognized or approved by a standards body
such as OASIS.
Then be it resolved:
A subcommittee known as the MQTT-SN Subcommittee (SC) shall be formed with
coe- qual chairs and any number of secretaries and document editors as deemed
appropri- ate by the SC; using working methods agreed to by the SC; with the
Statement of Purpose per the attached. The SC shall accept the MQTT-SN
1.2 protocol specification as an input specification >

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