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Subject: MQTT-SN update and candidate MQTT Logo review


I Hope you are safe and well.

Hopefully you've seen the fantastic feedback on the MQTT-SN webinar held this week. We attracted 894 registrations with 473 attending the session. 

As you are aware, the TC has taken a break while we get the MQTT-SN subcommittee got up and running and it's been a fair while since we've had the whole MQTT team together.

During this time OASIS have opened a new swag store > https://www.redbubble.com/people/oasisopen/works/46186888 < This got the team at HiveMQ thinking about modernising the mqtt.org website and refreshing the MQTT logo.

The HiveMQ team are now in a position to socialize some candidate logo designs for us to evaluate. The refresh is in the spirit of evolution rather than revolution, but the TC will need to approve formally any change to the logo.

Hopefully everyone on the TC will be enthusiastic in supporting this initiative. However, it's important that we evaluate it carefully and everyone gets an opportunity to share their views and give feedback.

Having spoken with Chet, I've put forward the following steps for us to manage the logo review approval.
1. Socialize this with the TC requesting evaluation and feedback for a period of at least two weeks.

2. Setup a TC meeting for the end of the evaluation period to review and address any feedback.

3. Vote to agree a ballot 

4. HiveMQ contribute final artwork to OASIS as they own the MQTT brand.

5. Hold a simple majority ballot open to all members so that everyone has had a fair chance to review, feedback and approve.

The exact ordering of steps might need adjusting. However, the first step would be to get some feedback on the logo ideas the HiveMQ team would like to put forward. You'll soon see an email to the TC from them asking for your thoughts and feedback. Please do take a moment to look, review and take part.

Any questions, then please let me know.

Best regards


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