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Subject: OASIS News - 12 January 2004

12 January 2004

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements,
accomplishments, and activities for the international standards


OASIS XRI TC Revises Charter

The OASIS Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) TC has clarified its
charter. The new charter, with revision history, is available at


Subscribe to OASIS PR Group

Notices of upcoming OASIS press releases, previously sent to all OASIS
members, will now be emailed exclusively to the OASIS PR Group. This
will reduce the volume of email sent to members and make it possible for
those responsible for media and analyst relations at OASIS member
organizations to receive information of interest to them. While any
member is welcome to subscribe to the OASIS PR Group, it is vital that
all OASIS Sponsors and Contributors have at least one representative on
this list.



OASIS Team Talks

19-23 Jan--Karl Best will present "Implementing Vertical XML standards"
and participate in a panel discussion on "Web Services and XML
Standards: Can we benefit while avoiding pitfalls?" at OOP 2004 in
Munich, Germany. OASIS members receive 20% discount.

22-23 Jan--Pim van der Eijk will present "Web Services Standards for
Business and Enterprise Integration" at COMDEX Scandinavia in Göteborg,
Sweden. OASIS members receive 20% discount.

26-28 Jan--Dale Waldt will present "EDI, Web Services, and ebXML" at XML for
Financial Services, New York City. OASIS members receive $300 discount,
contact dee.schur@oasis-open.org.

2-6 Feb--Jamie Clark will participate in the panel discussion, "The Role of
Standards and Certification – just what are standards, and why are they
important to your business?" at the Open Group conference, San Diego,


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