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Subject: OASIS News - 13 April 2004

13 April 2004

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments,
and activities for the international standards consortium.

OASIS Open Office XML Format TC Approves v1.0

Open Office 1.0 has been approved as a Committee Draft by members of the
OASIS Open Office XML Format TC. The specification defines an XML schema for
office applications and its semantics. Open Office is suitable for text
documents, spreadsheets, charts and graphical documents, and presentations.



OASIS Invites Public to Symposium

OASIS issued an open invitation to its Symposium on Reliable Infrastructures
for XML, as a forum for the international community to exchange ideas and
present results of standards work-in-progress. The Symposium sponsors
include Adobe, Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, SAP, and Sun Microsystems.



OASIS CGM Open Member Section Launches WebCGM TC

A Call for Participation has been announced for the new OASIS CGM Open
WebCGM TC. The group will work to accelerate the further adoption,
application, and implementation of the Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM), the
international standard for open interchange of structured graphical objects.
The WebCGM Profile, developed by CGM Open, focuses on presenting dynamic
technical graphics in the web environment. The new TC is open to all OASIS
members; the first meeting will be held on 24-27 May in Cologne, Germany,
and will be sponsored by ITEDO.



OASIS on the Agenda

18 April--Pim van der Eijk will present a tutorial on 'ebXML: XML and
Web Services for e-Business Integration' at XML Europe.

19 April--Dave Webber and Pim van der Eijk will co-present 'ebXML Today'
at XML Europe.

20 April--Jamie Clark will present, 'What Do Standards Tell Us About
Workflow And Transactional Web Services?' at Boundaryless Information Flow:
Managing the Flow, Brussels, Belgium.


OASIS Member Discounts

18-21 April--XML Europe 2004, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
OASIS Members receive a 100USD discount on full conference fee.

25-28 April--US ProcessWorld, Miami, Florida.
OASIS Members receive a 300USD discount on full conference fee.


Call for Participation

14-19 Nov--XML 2004,'XML - From Syntax to Solutions,' Washington, DC.

IDEAlliance is looking for speakers willing to share XML experiences, talk
about new solutions, and show new developments. Speakers are accepted on the
basis of peer-reviewed abstracts.

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