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Subject: OASIS News - 17 November 2004

17 November 2004

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments,
and activities for the international standards consortium.

Robin Cover Wins XML Cup Award

Robin Cover, editor of The Cover Pages, was honored for his achievements and
contributions to XML during the opening session of the XML 2004 Conference.
The Cover Pages site has served for more than 13 years as the chronicle of
the structured information standards community. Robin's work is sponsored by
OASIS members, Innodata, Isogen, SAP, and Sun Microsystems.


Council of Europe Recommends EML

Use of the OASIS Election Markup Language (EML) has been endorsed by the
Council of Europe, an organization made up of 46 member states that has
defended human rights, parliamentary democracy, and the rule of law since
1946. The organization has recommended that member states implement EML for
future e-voting and e-referendum systems in order to ensure interoperability
between possibly disparate component sources. EML, developed by the OASIS
Election and Voter Services TC, contains rules for structuring data related
to electoral lists, information for voters, and vote counting.


UBL Naming and Design Rules Approved as OASIS Committee Draft

The OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC, which is working on defining
a common XML library of business documents, has approved the revised UBL
Naming and Design Rules (NDRs) as an OASIS Committee Draft. The purpose of
NDRs is to establish rules and guidelines for normative-form schema design,
instance design, and markup naming.


WS-Context Approved as OASIS Committee Draft

The OASIS Web Services Composite Application Framework (WS-CAF) TC, whose
goal is to define an open framework for supporting coordinated and
transactional compositions of multiple Web services applications, has
approved the Web Services Context Specification (WS-Context) as an OASIS
Committee Draft. WS-Context establishes rules that allow a given web service
to determine what activity it is a part of, as well as what related web
services are involved the activity.


OASIS Staff Members Expand Responsibilities

CEO Patrick Gannon announced the promotions of several OASIS staff members,
including Jamie Clark, Director of Standards Development, Mary McRae,
Manager of TC Administration, and Andy Moir, Director of Business
Development.  Scott McGrath, Director of Member Services, has broadened his
role to also manage IT, Finance, and HR.

OASIS Co-Sponsored Events

22-23 Nov -- Breaking Barriers for Better Business: NCWS'04 - the 3rd annual
Nordic Conference on Web Services, Vxj, Sweden

30 Nov- Dec 2 -- The Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies,
Boston, MA. OASIS Members receive a 100 USD discount.

7-10 Dec -- Liberty Alliance Project Interoperability Event for SAML v2.0,
Washington, DC

Contact barbara.erbes@oasis-open.org for specific information on taking
advantage of OASIS member discounts.



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