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Subject: OASIS News--4 May 2005

4 May 2005

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments, and activities for the international standards consortium.

Members Approve ebXML RIM, ebXML RS, and OpenDocument as OASIS Standards

Three new OASIS Standards have been approved by the OASIS membership at-large. The ebXML Registry Information Model (RIM) v3.0 and
ebXML Registry Services and Protocols (RS) v3.0 offer a method for defining and managing interoperable registries and repositories.
OpenDocument provides an XML-based file format specification for office applications. Congratulations to the TC members who produced
these standards, and thanks to all those who participated in the review and balloting process.


OASIS Issues Calls for Participation for SDD and WS-RX 

Two new technical committees are being formed by Consortium members. Interested parties are encouraged to join these committees at
least 15 days prior to each group's first meeting.

The OASIS Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) TC will define XML schema to describe the characteristics of an installable unit (IU)
of software relevant for core aspects of its deployment, configuration, and maintenance. The TC's first meeting will be held by
phone, 1 June.

The OASIS Web Services Reliable Exchange (WS-RX) TC will define a protocol for reliable message exchanges between two Web services,
through continued development of the Web Services Reliable Messaging specification. The TC's first meeting will be held in Palo
Alto, California, USA, 23-24 June.

XTech Features OASIS Open Standards Day in Amsterdam 

Register now to attend the OASIS Open Standards Day, 24 May, at the XTech conference (formerly XML Europe) in Amsterdam. The
programme will feature presentations on the latest eGovernment projects as well as on XML for tax-related information. It will
provide updates on widely applicable specifications, such as WSBPEL, WSDM, WSRF and WSN. SAML 2.0 and its interaction with the
related profile adapters in XACML and WS-Security will also be explored, as will PLCS. A European Justice System's use of the ebXML
Messaging OASIS Standard will provide perspective on real-world deployment of standards. OASIS members receive $100 discount off
XTECH registration fees.


Nominations Open for OASIS Board and TAB  

OASIS will accept nominations for its Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Board until 24 May. This year's election will fill
five Board seats and four TAB seats. OASIS directors completing their terms of service include John Borras, Eduardo Gutentag, Jim
Hughes, Chris Kurt, and Michael Weiner. Bill Cox, Christopher Ferris, Tim Moses, and Pete Wenzel will complete their TAB terms. 


OASIS Adds North American Representative in San Jose

Chuck Caveney has joined the staff of OASIS to support and expand the Consortium's activities across North America through focused
business development. Chuck's experience in high technology and adjacent supply chains includes work at Safyre Solutions, Cisco,
Contivo, Agilent, HP, and the US Navy. He is the founder and chair of the Bay Area RosettaNet Users Group and has also been a member
of the Board of Directors for EDIX. Chuck is based in San Jose, CA and can be reached at chuck.caveney@oasis-open.org.

OASIS Welcomes New Sponsors

Infravio (www.infravio.com) assists companies in the design and build-out of enterprise Service-Oriented Architectures and Web
services implementations.

Panacea (http://www.panaceasoftware.com/) provides integrated, cost-effective (optimized) and vendor neutral solutions for Business
Process Automation & Management (BPAM).  

OASIS also welcomes new Contributor members, ASM International, Really Strategies, Layer 7, and Metlife.

XML 2005 Call for Papers Ends May 13 
OASIS will co-sponsor the conference, XML 2005: Syntax to Semantics, 14-18 November, in Atlanta, GA, USA. OASIS members are
encouraged to submit abstracts on their work in the Consortium before Friday, 13 May. The XML 2005 Program Committee is especially
interested in presentations representing vertical industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, mobile telephones, insurance,
automotive, and others.


OASIS on the Agenda

5 May
RSA Security Webinar: Standards Convergence in SAML 2.0
Jamie Clark, OASIS director of standards development, and Rob Philpott of RSA, co-chair of the OASIS Security Services TC, will

24 May
OASIS Open Standards Day at XTech
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
OASIS TC chairs, members, and staff will present a one-day programme.

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