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Subject: OASIS News 4 November 2005

4 November 2005

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments, and activities for the international standards consortium.

Consortium Issues Call for Participation for Interoperability Symposium

San Francisco will be the location of next spring's OASIS Symposium, which will provide presentations on the Meaning of
Interoperability. Members and non-members should plan to participate in the annual event, which will be held 9-12 May 2006. The
Symposium will provide a forum for the investigation of all the facets of interoperability, dependencies, enabling technologies,
standards and practices, and opportunities for improvement. Interested parties are asked to submit proposals for presentations,
panel sessions, and tutorials on topics related to one or more aspects of interoperability, including standards, business, semantic,
contractual, infrastructure and product, and testing perspectives. Proposals must be received by 20 Dec.


Semantion Completes Contribution to OASIS ebSOA TC

Semantion completed its FERA (Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture)-based SOA contribution to the OASIS ebSOA TC.  The
specification defines how collaborative business processes are modeled, deployed, and executed internally and externally over the
Internet. It also supports standard convergence that enables interoperability between different standards and technologies. The full
contribution includes the Run Time Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Service Oriented Architecture Information Model(SOA IM), and
Service Oriented Architecture Collaboration Semantics (SOA CS).



The following events are cosponsored by OASIS:

6-10 Nov
Fourth International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2005) 
Galway, Ireland 

7-10 Nov
Data Management and Information Quality Conference Europe 2005 
London, UK http://www.irmuk.co.uk/dm2005/ 
There is an OASIS members-only discount.

7-11 Nov
LISA Forum Europe
Zurich, Switzerland

8-10 Nov
Demonstrating the Value of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Melbourne, Australia

8-10 Nov
BuilConn Europe 2005
Amsterdam, Netherlands
There is an OASIS members-only discount.

14-16 Nov
Växjö, Sweden

14-18 Nov
XML 2005 Conference and Exposition
Atlanta, GA, USA

15-16 Nov
Defence Asset Management 2005
London, UK

29-30 Nov
Pharma XML Labeling
Bethesda, MD, USA
There is an OASIS members-only discount.

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