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Subject: OASIS News 27 January 2006

27 January 2006

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments, and activities for the international standards consortium.
Public Review of UBL Commences

The OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC recently approved UBL v2.0 as a Committee Draft and submitted the package for public
UBL defines a common XML library of business documents. Comments must be received by 21 March. 


Opportunity to Join DIPAL Discussion Remains Open

The OASIS discussion list on the Domain-Independent Policy Assertion Language (DIPAL) will be active for another 30 days.  All
interested parties are encouraged to participate in this exploratory conversation on the formation of an OASIS DIPAL TC to develop a
language that would layer on top of any Boolean Web services policy framework, including WS-Policy.

Introduction to DIPAL:
How to Subscribe:

TCs Will Meet During the OASIS Symposium

The OASIS Symposium, which will be held 9-12 May in San Francisco will host face-to-face meetings for Committees including the OASIS
SOA Reference Model TC and RA sub-committee, the OASIS XDI TC, the OASIS Semantic Execution TC, the OASIS ebXML TC, and the OASIS
Emergency Management TC.  A limited amount of space is still available; interested TC chairs should complete the online reservation
form as soon as possible.


OASIS Welcomes New Staff Member

Ram Kumar has joined the OASIS staff as a Manager of Technical Committee Development.  His primary responsibilities will be to
provide direct support to OASIS technical committees, help members resolve issues on rules and operations, and promote continued
activity and successful completion of TC goals. Since 1999, Ram has been actively involved with OASIS. He founded and chairs the
OASIS Customer Information Quality Technical Committee and has also served as a member of several other OASIS committees.  He also
has over 18 years of experience in the IT industry in the areas of data management, artificial intelligence, information integration
and interoperability, e-business and enterprise architectures.  Ram can be reached via email at ram.kumar@ oasis-open.org. 


The following events are co-sponsored by OASIS:

6-9 March
Semantic Technology Conference
San Jose, CA, USA
An OASIS members-only discount is available.

7-9 March
FOSE 2006
Washington D.C., USA

23-25 March
DITA 2006
Raleigh, NC, USA

27-29 March
Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2006
Nashville, TN, USA
An OASIS members-only discount is available. 

3-5 April
Content Management Strategies Conference
San Francisco, CA, USA

23-27 April
Wilshire Meta-Data Conference and DAMA International Symposium
Denver, CO, USA
An OASIS members-only discount is available.

9-12 May
OASIS Symposium
San Francisco, CA, USA

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