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Subject: OASIS News: 1 May 2006

1 May 2006

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements,
accomplishments, and activities for the international standards

EDXL-DE Becomes Newest OASIS Standard

Consortium members voted to ratify the Emergency Data Exchange Language
Distribution Element (EDXL-DE), v1.0 as an OASIS Standard. EDXL-DE
provides an integrated framework that enables information exchange to
advance incident preparedness and response to emergency situations.
Congratulations to members of the OASIS Emergency Management TC, and
thanks to all who participated in the review and balloting process.


OASIS Announces User Assistance Discussion List

A new mail list has been created to discuss the possibility of creating
an OASIS TC, chartered to develop a cross-platform standard for
application-integrated software user assistance documentation. This
temporary discussion list will be used to determine whether there is
sufficient interest to form a TC on this topic. OASIS Membership is not
required for participation in this list, and all interested parties are
encouraged to subscribe.


OASIS ebXML JC Publishes 'The Framework for eBusiness' White Paper

The OASIS ebXML Joint Committee has published a new white paper, 'The
Framework for eBusiness.' This paper provides an overview of the ebXML
specifications and their relevance, including information on adoption
and implementation. The document provides a useful background for those
considering implementing ebXML technology and/or hybrid approaches.


Danish Government Reaffirms SAML Recommendation 

In support of its view that the use of open standards in e-Government
will encourage innovation, the Danish IT Architecture committee
reaffirmed its recommendation of the Security Assertion Markup Language
(SAML) OASIS Standard.  SAML defines and maintains a standard, XML-based
framework for creating and exchanging security information between
online partners. Denmark standardized on SAML exactly a year ago. Other
national governments to support SAML include Norway, Finland, Austria,
and France, as well as some agencies of the US government.


Reserve Guest Rooms for Symposium at Hyatt

OASIS Symposium attendees who have not already done so are asked to book
their hotel reservations at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco as soon as
possible. While there are many hotels in the area, staying at the Hyatt
not only provides extra convenience, it also supports the work of OASIS.
The cost of plenary and TC meeting rooms is significantly reduced based
on the amount of guest rooms reserved by our group. OASIS relies on that
discount to keep registration fees affordable for all members. Please be
sure to mention the OASIS group rate when making reservations.


The following events are co-sponsored by OASIS:

9-12 May
OASIS Symposium
San Francisco, CA, USA

16-18 May
Palm Springs, CA, USA

16-18 May
GridWise Expo
Palm Springs, CA, USA

16-18 May
M2M Expo and Conference
Palm Springs, CA, USA

9-14 June
3rd European Semantic Web Conference
Budva, Montenegro

CABA Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum
25-27 June
Dallas, TX, USA

23-28 July
XML Summer School
University of Oxford, UK

24-28 July
GeoWeb 2006
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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