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Subject: OASIS News: 8 May 2006

8 May 2006

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements,
accomplishments, and activities for the international standards

ISO and IEC Approve OpenDocument OASIS Standard  

The OpenDocument OASIS Standard, a format which enables users of varying
office suites to freely exchange documents, has been approved for
release as an ISO and IEC International Standard. OpenDocument was
balloted through the Joint Technical Committee on Information Technology
(JTC1) of the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and has been given the
designation, ISO/IEC 26300.


Members Ratify EDXL-DE as OASIS Standard

Consortium members have voted to approve the Emergency Data Exchange
Language (EDXL) Distribution Element, v1.0 Specification as an OASIS
Standard. Developed by the OASIS Emergency Management TC, EDXL-DE
enables information exchange to advance incident preparedness and
response to emergency situations. Congratulations to TC members for
their hard work, and thanks to all who participated in the balloting and
voting process.


OASIS ebXML BP TC Publishes 'The ebBP' Whitepaper

The OASIS ebXML Business Processes (BP) TC has recently published the
'The ebBP (ebXML Business Process Schema)' whitepaper. Emphasizing
adoption in small to medium enterprises, the white paper describes the
capabilities of ebBP to drive eBusiness process collaboration.  It also
discusses the community at-large effort that has fueled schema
development and is expected to guide adoption.


PKI Member Section Launches Survey to Measure Cost of Implementation

The OASIS PKI Member Section is pleased to announces the third in a
series of international surveys designed to study real-world Public-Key
Infrastructure (PKI) deployments. PKI creates a trustworthy networking
environment through public-key encryption and digital signature
services. This new survey focuses on financial benefits and attempts to
measure the relative costs of different PKI implementations.  The Member
Section encourages all vendors and implementers of PKI projects to
participate in this critical survey that will influence the future
direction of the OASIS PKI work. The
survey will be completed within 60 days. An analysis of the results will
be published upon completion.

OpenDocument Format:


Consortium Introduces New OASIS Sponsor Logo
In addition to the traditional OASIS Member logo, the Consortium now
offers a new Sponsor logo to designate those organizations that support
the development, convergence, and adoption of e-business standards in a
major way. Sponsor-level members are invited to download the new logo
and post it on their websites and in printed materials. Contributors,
Associates, and Individuals may continue to use the OASIS Member logo.  

The following events are co-sponsored by OASIS:

9-12 May
OASIS Symposium
San Francisco, CA, USA

16-18 May
Palm Springs, CA, USA

16-18 May
GridWise Expo
Palm Springs, CA, USA

16-18 May
M2M Expo and Conference
Palm Springs, CA, USA

9-14 June
3rd European Semantic Web Conference
Budva, Montenegro

CABA Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum
25-27 June
Dallas, TX, USA

23-28 July
XML Summer School
University of Oxford, UK

24-28 July
GeoWeb 2006
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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