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Subject: OASIS News: 21 Aug 2007

21 Aug 2007

Welcome to OASIS News, a bi-weekly update of announcements, accomplishments,
and activities for the international open standards consortium.

In this issue:
* OASIS and Butler announce program for Open Standards Forum in London
* IDtrust adds Digital Signature Services Extended (DSS-X) TC
* Second public review underway for Election Markup Language 5.0
* Open CSA announces SCA educational sessions and TC meetings
* SDD TC publishes new FAQ 
* OASIS welcomes Comet to Sponsor-level membership
* Important dates

OASIS and Butler announce program for Open Standards Forum in London

Visionaries from the public and private sectors will address the theme of
"Enabling Transformational Government through Web Services and SOA" at the Open
Standards Forum, 29-30 October, near London. The program features keynote
addresses from John Wailing, of the UK Home Office of the CIO, and David Keene,
Vice President of Platform, Technology and Solutions for SAP UK. Other speakers
include public sector representatives from A-SIT Austria, Danish National IT
and Telecom Agency, the UK's NHS Connecting for Health, and RSOE (Hungary). The
Forum will also offer presentations from representatives of AmberPoint, Axway,
BEA, Beijing Digital China, Capgemini, Fujitsu, IBM, JBOSS/Red Hat, Oracle, and
other providers and implementers. Support for the event is provided by OASIS
Foundational Sponsors, BEA, EDS, IBM, Primeton, SAP, and Sun Microsystems.
Contact events@oasis-open.org for information on additional sponsorship


IDtrust adds Digital Signature Services Extended (DSS-X) TC 

The IDtrust Member Section has expanded its oversight of OASIS TCs to include
DSS-X, a committee that was recently formed to advance new profiles for the
Digital Signature Services OASIS Standard. IDtrust is a group within OASIS that
promotes greater understanding and use of standards-based technologies,
policies, and practices for identity and trusted infrastructure. In addition to
DSS-X, IDtrust affiliated TCs include PKI Adoption and EKMI. IDtrust welcomes
ideas for forming more new Committees in this arena. 


Second public review underway for Election Markup Language 5.0 

The OASIS Election and Voter Services TC has edited the Election Markup
Language (EML) version 5.0, which was approved as a Committee Draft, and
submitted it for a second public review. EML enables the exchange of data for
public and private election services. This review ends 30 August and is limited
in scope to changes made from the previous public review. 


Open CSA announces SCA educational sessions and TC meetings

On 18 Sept, the OASIS Open Composite Services Architecture (Open CSA) Member
Section will sponsor a full day of public educational sessions on the Service
Component Architecture (SCA) at the SAP facility in Palo Alto, California. SCA
simplifies SOA application development by defining a flexible model for
creating business solutions using service components. The educational sessions
will be followed by face-to-face inaugural meetings of six SCA TCs and an Open
CSA Member Section plenary. The event is free. Educational sessions are open to
the public. TC membership is required to attend the subsequent SCA TC meetings
and plenary; however, new members are welcomed. 


SDD TC publishes new FAQ

Members of the OASIS Solution Deployment Descriptor TC have created a new FAQ
to address questions on their work and encourage new participation and
adoption. The TC, which includes representatives of CA, Dell, Fujitsu, IBM,
Macrovision, SAP AG, SAS Institute, Sun Microsystems, and others, works to
define a standard for expressing metadata about software deployment and
lifecycle management. The primary areas being standardized are package and
deployment descriptors.


OASIS welcomes Comet to Sponsor-level membership 

Comet Communications offers consulting, training courses, and other services in
all areas of technical writing, technical documentation, and technical
communication. Headquartered in Munich, Comet is an active supporter of the
OASIS DITA TC, as well as other consortium work.


Important dates

26 Aug:
  Customer Information Quality (CIQ) 3.0 public review ends 
30 Aug:
  Election Markup Language (EML) 5.0 public review ends

18-20 Sept:
  Open CSA holds plenary, SCA educational sessions, and TC meetings

22 Sept:
  Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) public review ends
29-30 Oct:
  OASIS and Butler Group host Open Standards Forum in London 

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OASIS News is published in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Volunteers
to translate the newsletter into other languages are welcome; contact

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