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Subject: Find out the latest on UBL, TGF, PKCS, and more OASIS News

23 May 2014
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The Open Standards Community Newsletter
In this issue:

Survey shows need for standards in mobile payments space

OASIS CEO, Laurent Liscia, blogs: Fragmentation of the mobile payments eco-system is the chief obstacle to adoption, and standards would solve this problem. Standards would include NFC to cover security to prevent hijacking or snooping on the payment (so the NSA can't find out you have a caffeine habit), identity (so your uncle Bert can't blow your hard-earned cash at a black-jack table), and privacy (so the Big Data cowboys can't profile you for gain). Read the full blog.

Universal Business Language TC publishes Committee Note and invites translation contributions

UBL Conformance to ebXML CCTS ISO/TS 15000-5:2005 describes how UBL 2.1 relates to the ebXML Core Components Technical Specification. Congratulations to TC chairs, Ken Holman and Tim McGrath, to Sponsors, Boeing, NEC, Oracle, and the US Dept of Defense, and to all UBL TC members.

In related news, the TC invites the public to contribute to the OASIS UBL 2.1 International Data Dictionary (IDD). The IDD provides readers of languages other than English with a culturally-sensitive translation of the semantics of UBL business documents and objects. Contributing to the IDD is an interesting and meaningful project for students, interns, or anyone with a need to learn more about UBL.


TC publishes Transformational Government Framework

TGF 2.0 is a practical 'how to' standard for the design and implementation of an effective program of technology-enabled change at national, state or local government level. It describes a managed process that centers on the needs of citizens and businesses and achieves significant and transformational impacts on the efficiency and effectiveness of government. Congratulations to TC chair, John Borras, to Foundational Sponsor, Microsoft, to Sponsors, Fujitsu, Oracle, and the US Program Manager Information Sharing Environment, and to all TGF TC members.

Public Reviews underway for PKCS #11, WS-Calendar, and XACML

PKCS #11 defines the standard for cryptographic tokens controlling authentication information (personal identity, cryptographic keys, certificates, digital signatures, biometric data). The public review for five PKCS #11 documents ends 1 Jun.

WS-Calendar Platform Independent Model (PIM) 1.0 will be used as the basis for determining conformance of additional models and communications with WS-Calendar and with Xcal. The public review ends 20 Jun.

eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) 3.0 Privacy Policy Profile 1.0 addresses fine grained control of authorized activities, the effect of characteristics of the access requestor, the protocol over which the request is made, authorization based on classes of activities, and content introspection. This public review ends 6 Jun.

Integrate with OSLC at Innovate

The 2014 Innovate event will feature a variety of opportunities to meet up with members of OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) including a Continuous Engineering Block Party and a special lunch BoF, “Tool Integration is Key to Successful Product and Software Delivery”. Innovate will be held 1-5 Jun in Orlando, Florida.

Can the Internet of Things be secure?

The impact on privacy
and data control

Watch the Video

Join the Hangout: 27 May
Dr. Ann Cavoukian, PbD-SE TC co-chair, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014.
Albert Biketi, HP-Atalla, OASIS KMIP Interop 2014:

Watch the Video

"OASIS Interops started small. Now they're an industry-defining event based on partnership. We're proud to be here."
Important Dates

28 May
XSPA Profile of SAML for Healthcare public review ends

29 May
Elections open for BoD and TAB

TGF Executive Summary and
TGF Tools and Models
public reviews end

1 Jun
PKCS #11 public review closes

1-5 Jun
OSLC at Innovate
Orlando, FL, USA

4 Jun
TGF e-Health Profile public review ends

6 Jun
XACML Privacy Policy Profile public review ends

20 Jun
WS-Calendar public review ends

26 Jun
Elections close for BoD and TAB

5 Jul
XLIFF 2.0 public review ends
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