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Subject: OASIS News updates on CTI, ARIP, KMIP, PKCS #11, and more

3 June 2015
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The Open Standards Community Newsletter
In this issue:

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) TC forms

Three major cyber security specifications, STIX, TAXII, and CybOX, are being transitioned by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for further development under the OASIS open standards process. The new CTI TC will support automated information sharing for cybersecurity situational awareness, real-time network defense, and sophisticated threat analysis. TC members include Foundational Sponsors, IBM and Microsoft, as well as Sponsors, Boeing, Dell, EMC, HP, Intel, Palo Alto Networks, Securonix, Soltra, Symantec, TELUS, ThreatStream, ViaSat, and others. Richard Struse of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security serves as convener; TC chair(s) will be elected at the first meeting, which will be held by teleconference on 18 Jun. To participate contact join@oasis-open.org.

OASIS launches Augmented Reality TC

      Rhonda Truitt, Huawei                                  Farhad Patel, Huawei
The Augmented Reality for Information Products (ARIP) TC will define standards for governing the use of AR in technical communications. The work will apply to web pages help files, social media sites, software and hardware instructions, training programs, medical procedures, environmental regulations, functional specifications, etc. Farhad Patel and Rhonda Truitt of Huawei chair the ARIP TC, which includes Sponsor members from Boeing, Comtech, Huawei, PTC, SAP, and others. To participate contact join@oasis-open.org.

Ballots open for OASIS Board of Directors and TAB

Eight candidates for the Board of Directors--Peter Brown, Martin Chapman of Oracle, Mike DeNicola of Fujitsu, Jenny Huang of AT&T, Dave Ings of IBM, Sanjay Patil of SAP, Denise G. Tayloe of Privo, and John Tolbert of Queralt--are running for five available seats. Three incumbent candidates for the Technical Advisory Board--Patrick Durusau, Ashok Malhotra of Oracle, and Kevin Mangold of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)--are seeking re-election for three available seats. These candidates represent a wide range of experiences and perspectives, and OASIS deeply respects their willingness to serve in leadership roles. Foundational, Sponsor, and Contributor members are eligible to vote (one vote per organization). The ballots close 29 Jun.

Members approve KMIP and PKCS #11 OASIS Standards

Eleven Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standards were approved. KMIP enables secure communication between encryption systems and a broad range of new and legacy enterprise applications, including email, databases, and storage devices. Congratulations to the KMIP TC chairs, Tony Cox of Cryptsoft and Saikat Saha of Oracle, and to all TC members including Sponsors, Cryptsoft, Dell, EMC, Fornetix, Futurex, HP, IBM, NetApp, Oracle, SafeNet, Symantec, Thales e-Security, VMware, and Vormetric.

Four PKCS #11 public key cryptography standards were also approved. PKCS #11 employs cryptographic tokens to control authentication information (personal identity, cryptographic keys, certificates, digital signatures, biometric data). Congratulations to PKCS 11 TC chairs, Robert Griffin of EMC and Valerie Fenwick of Oracle, and to all TC members including Sponsors, Cryptsoft, Dell, EMC, Fornetix, Futurex, Oracle, Red Hat, SafeNet, Symantec, Thales e-Security, VMware, Vormetric, and others.

Discussion begins on forming Identity and Access Management TC

OASIS is gauging support for launching a TC to develop a testable reference architecture for a complete identity and access management system. The architecture will implement ABAC authorization as envisioned in the work of the OASIS SAML and XACML TCs. Members and non-members are welcome to provide input via the IAM public discussion list.

Transformational Government Framework (TGF) TC approves Committee Note

The TGF e-Health Profile 2.0 provides guidance on using the TGF and other OASIS standards to support the delivery of e-Health services provided in the home or in the community. It identifies the relevant Core Patterns and Policy Products and elaborates them more specifically to the e-Health domain. Congratulations to TGF TC chair, Peter Brown, and to all TC members for achieving this milestone.

Public review underway for Akoma Ntoso, Electronic Court Filing

Akoma Ntoso 1.0 provides a common legal document standard for specifying parliamentary, legislative, and judicial documents, for interchanging them between institutions anywhere in the world, and for creating a common data and metadata model that allows experience, expertise, and tools to be shared and extended by all participants. This public review ends 5 Jun.

Electronic Court Filing 4.01 Errata 02 updates the ECF 4.01 Web Services Service Interaction Profile (SIP) to conform with the requirements for a Global Reference Architecture (GRA) Service Specification Package (SSP). The public review ends 30 Jun.

FIRST presents 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to OASIS'

The FIRST conference will feature a presentation by US DHS on their experiences in bringing STIX, TAXII, and CybOX cyber threat intelligence standards to OASIS. Running from 14-19 Jun in Berlin, FIRST focuses on issues of concern to incident response and security teams. Topics are international in scope and include the latest in incident response and prevention, vulnerability analysis, computer. security, management and policy issues. Member discount available (15%). Contact events@oasis-open.org.

CXS TC hosts webinar, 'Setting the Standard for Personalized User Experiences'

Aimed at Marketing Automation vendors, this webinar on 15 Jun will explain the concepts behind the OASIS Context Server (CXS) TC's efforts to develop an open standard for delivering real-time personalized user experiences. CXS will make it easier for MA vendors to integrate with various external systems such as CMS, WCM, CRM, and ERPs, improving their reach to  target audiences. Presenters will include CXS TC chairs, Serge Huber of Jahia Solutions and Thomas Enonic of Enonic.

OASIS and EEMA host ‘Building Trust in a Hyperconnected World’

OASIS and the European Association for e-Identity & Security (EEMA), will bring together privacy and identity experts to discuss security and privacy risks in the context of our increasingly hyperconnected world of complex applications and distributed devices. Hosted at CA Technologies' historic Ditton Manor, 8-9 July, the conference will generate dialogue across government and business. Members receive a discounted rate of £195 to attend. 

OSCON features TOSCA Inteop
20-22 July 2015  |  Portland, Oregon

The OSCON Open Source Convention will showcase the work of the TOSCA TC.  At OSCON, you'll find everything open source: languages, communities, best practices, products and services. Rather than focus on a single language or aspect, OSCON allows you to learn about and practice the entire range of open source technologies.  OASIS member discount available.  Contact events@oasis-open.org for details.

Important Dates

5 Jun
Akoma Ntoso public review ends

14-19 Jun
FIRST conference on incident response

15 Jun
CXS webinar on personalized user experiences for marketing automation

18 Jun
Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) TC holds first meeting

29 Jun
OASIS Board ballots close

30 Jun
Electronic Court Filing 4.01 Errata 02 public review ends

8-9 Jul
OASIS & EEMA host 'Building Trust in a Hyperconnected World'
Windsor, UK

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