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Subject: Policy of removal of members who do not respond to email

Can I ask the board to review the policy of automatically removing members
from OASIS whenever emails are rejected.

This occurred to me just now and has an impact which at the least is
annoying, and from my past experience can have effect on vital activities.

In my case my management got messages saying the there was no primary
contact for the company leading to embarrassing questions.  If it had
happened a day later when I was away on holiday there would have been almost
two weeks on discussion which I would have missed.

When I was chair of the DSS TC a similar occurrence had a much more serious
impact.  We were at the stage of final vote on the TC specifications and I
had asked a senior member of one of the member organisation to register his
vote in support of the TC spec.  When he tried to place his vote his
membership had been withdrawn due to email problems.  Even after chasing
this up and getting him reinstated he was removed again.  Luckily he was not
too upset and the ballot passed.  This certainly gave a very bad perspective
on OASIS from an important senior manager in a member organisation.  It
could potentially of effected the outcome of a ballot.

I request that OASIS add further controls to this mechanism of automatically
removing members from OASIS to avoid mistaken removal.

Thanks for your consideration.

Nick Pope - Thales eSecurity

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