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Subject: Re: [board-agenda] Conflict of Interest Policy Final Draft

I  am disappointed to see that all of my comments, with the exception of a small grammatical suggestion regarding line 1, have been ignored.

On 03/09/2011 11:35 AM, Lipton, Paul C wrote:
As you remember, an earlier draft of the Conflict of Interest Policy was submitted in advance of the February Board meeting to allow time for comment. After careful consideration of all comments received, the attached documents (clean and redline) have been approved by the Board's Governance Committee at its meeting of 03 March 2011.

The Committee asks that this be included as an "A" item for decision, at the Board's meeting of 17 March 2011.  
Respectfully submitted,
Paul Lipton
CA Technologies
VP, Industry Standards and Open Source 
Member, CA Council for Technical Excellence 
Office Phone: +1 609 583-9718
Mobile: +1 267 987-6887
Email: paul.lipton@ca.com

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