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Subject: Call for Participation: Cloud Authorization (CloudAuthZ) TC



I’d like to convey our appreciation for your raising the issue about posting responses to submitted comments when TCs are formed. It’s important that our members report on such issues, and that the management team and the board respond to them. I believe Chet has talked with you today and gave you a verbal response.


We normally do not carry on conversations in the board-comment list, but just to respond to this action and let others know that might be monitoring this activity, we have concluded that we would not take action to delay formation of this CloudAuthZ TC, based on a recommendation from OASIS staff and comments from board members – however, this topic has been placed on the agenda of the board’s Process Committee, which meets tomorrow, and they will consider any needed changes to our TC Process. In any event, Chet, as our TC Administrator, will certainly be watching this topic closely in the coming months. Our next regular OASIS board meeting will be at the end of January, and we will have a status review of this topic at that time.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Jim Hughes        

Chair, OASIS Board


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