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Subject: EKMI

In addition to the issue raised re XKMS and SAML I would like to make the members of this group aware of KEYPROV a group proposed to do similar work that has already begun the chatering process in the IETF. A BOF was held last week and a charter is currently being discussed on the mailing list:
To join the mailing list:


Provisional draft charter:
Current developments in inter-domain Shared Symmetric Key tokens and inter-domain use of Kerberos have highlighted the need for a standard protocol for provisioning symmetric keys.

The need for provisioning protocols in PKI architectures has been recognized for some time. Although the existence and architecture of these protocols provides a feasibility proof for the KEYPROV, assumptions built into these protocols make them inapplicable to symmetric keys.

In particular the ability to provision symmetric keys and associated attributes dynamically to already issued devices such as cell phones and USB drives is highly desirable. The working group will develop the necessary protocols and data formats required to support provisioning and management of symmetric key authentication tokens, both proprietary and standards based.


  • Requirements and use cases
  • Protocol specification
  • Key Container specification

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