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Subject: RE: [members] Proposed Charter for OASIS Search Web Services TC

Also the work that Eliot Christian did on open search syntax in ISO for GIS / library applications as part of the eGov TC seems highly relevant.
Here's his OASIS present on open search services:
Surely that can be leveraged here?
 [egov] Major search service in government
 [egov] RFI on Information Retrieval and Sharing
 [egov] Geospatially-aware search services
 [egov] Government Information and the Open Content Alliance

"The way to be is to do" - Confucius (551-472 B.C.)

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [members] Proposed Charter for OASIS Search Web Services TC
From: "Mary McRae" <mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org>
Date: Tue, May 15, 2007 1:37 pm
To: <members@lists.oasis-open.org>,  <tc-announce@lists.oasis-open.org>
Cc: <oasis-charter-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org>

To OASIS Members:

  A draft TC charter has been submitted to establish the OASIS Search Web
Services Technical Committee. In accordance with the OASIS TC Process
section 2.2: 
(http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#2.2) the proposed
charter is
hereby submitted for comment. The comment period shall remain open
until 11:45
pm ET on 29 May 2007. 

  OASIS maintains a mailing list for the purpose of submitting
comments on
proposed charters. Any OASIS member may post to this list by sending
email to:
mailto:oasis-charter-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org. All messages will
be publicly
archived at: 
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oasis-charter-discuss/. Members
who wish to receive emails must join the group by selecting "join
group" on the
group home page:
of organizational members do not require primary representative
approval to
subscribe to the oasis-charter-discuss e-mail.

  A telephone conference will be held among the Convener, the OASIS TC
Administrator, and those proposers who wish to attend within four days
of the
close of the comment period. The announcement and call-in information
will be
noted on the OASIS Charter Discuss Group Calendar.

  We encourage member comment and ask that you note the name of the
proposed TC
(search-ws) in the subject line of your email message. 


Mary P McRae
Manager of TC Administration, OASIS
email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org  
web: www.oasis-open.org
phone: 603.232.9090


1. Charter

a. Name of the Technical Committee
OASIS Search Web Services Technical Committee

b. Purpose

To define Search and Retrieval Web Services, combining various current
ongoing web service activities.

Within recent years there has been a growth in activity in the
development of
web service definitions for search and retrieval applications. These
SRU, a web service based in part on the NISO/ISO Search and Retrieval
the Amazon OpenSearch, which defines a means of describing and
automating search
web forms; as well as many proprietary definitions (e.g. the Google
and MSN
Search APIs). There are also a number of activities for defining
abstract search
APIs that can be mapped onto multiple implementations either within
native code
or onto remote procedural calls and web services, such as ZOOM (Z39.50
Oriented Model); SQI (Simple Query Interface), an IEEE standard
developed for
searching and retrieval in the IMS (Instructional Management Systems)
space; and
OSIDs from the Open Knowledge Initiative. While abstract APIs would be
out of
scope, these would inform the work to increase interoperability and

c. Scope of the Work

The development of a web service interface specification covering:
   *  Search/Retrieve
   *  Query
   *  Sorting
   *  Record Retrieval
   *  Index Browsing

This will include the development or identification of an abstract query
language incorporating an extensible framework, plus one or more

The work will also involve semantic description of search services but
build upon existing work (e.g. NISO Z39.92) rather than define new

The work will seek input from abstract API initiatives such as OKI,
ZOOM, and

Out of Scope:  Although as mentioned the work will seek input from
abstract API
initiatives, the development or standardisation of Abstract APIs is
out of

Specific Contribution of Existing Work as a Starting Point:  The
following works
are available to the technical committee for further development:

     *  SRU http://www.loc.gov:8081/standards/sru/ or

     *  CQL http://www.loc.gov:8081/standards/sru/specs/cql.html or

Additional contributions from other TC members also are welcome.

How it is to be Determined when the Work of the TC has been Completed:
The work will be considered completed when (a) an OASIS standard is
that embodies the functionality provided by the two specifications
listed above
plus any additional contributions, plus or minus functions agreed upon
by the
TC; and (b) any errata, extension or further versioning of the
that this TC then wishes to create has been completed.

d. Deliverables

   *  Service definition(s)
   *  XML Schemas
   *  Web Service interface specifications including HTTP POST, HTTP
GET, and a
SOAP binding.
   *  Query language definition
   *  Community defined profiles:
      -  bibliographic community
      -  others
   *  User best practice documentation
   *  Implementer best practice documentation (including ZOOM, OSID, SQI

Completion Dates:  The target completion date is February 2008. An
itemized list
of dates for each of the above items will be developed by the TC.

e. IPR Mode

Royalty Free on Limited Terms

f. Anticipated Audience/Users

Those involved in the design, development, implementation, or use of
listed above in "Scope of the Work".  This includes search service
prospective users of search services exposed as XML, information
architects and
bibliographic, metadata, and content providers.

g. The language in which the TC shall conduct business


2. Additional non-normative material relating to the TC's start-up

a. Similar or applicable work (OASIS and elsewhere)

The following standards and projects may be relevant to the TC's
planned work,
although none currently provide the functionality anticipated by this
committee's deliverables:

NISO Z39.50/ISO23950
NISO Z39.92
Google API
MSN Search API

The TC intends to seek and if possible maintain liaison with each of the
organizations maintaining the above works.

b. Details of the first meeting

The first meeting of the of the committee will be held by telephone
call on 28 June 2007. Call-in information will be provided to the TC's
list in advance of the meeting.

Note to members:  This is a preliminary proposal; the meeting date may
change in
the final Call for Participation.

c. Projected on-going meeting schedule
The work of the committee will be carried out primarily by email and
calls, possibly every two weeks, with face-to-face meetings perhaps
once or
twice a year.

Following the first several calls, an initial face-to-face meeting,
perhaps two
days, or one and a half, is planned. The TC will determine its own
schedule once

d. Supporters of the Proposal

The following people support this proposal and are committed to the
Charter and
projected meeting schedule.

Kerry Blinco,(DEST Australia) <kblinco@powerup.com.au> 
Ray Denenberg (Library of Congress) <rden@loc.gov> 
Larry Dixson (Library of Congress) <ldix@loc.gov> 
Matthew J. Dovey (JISC) <m.dovey@jisc.ac.uk> 
Rebecca S. Guenther (Library of Congress) <rgue@loc.gov> 
Sally H. McCallum (Library of Congress) <smcc@loc.gov> 
Ashley Sanders (Univ. of Manchester)  <a.sanders@manchester.ac.uk> 
Rob Sanderson (U. Liverpool) <azaroth@liverpool.ac.uk> 
Mackenzie Smith (MIT) <kenzie@mit.edu>

e. Convener

Ray Denenberg

f. The Member Section with which the TC intends to affiliate.

Not Applicable.

g. Contributions of existing technical work

SRU http://www.loc.gov:8081/standards/sru/ or

CQL http://www.loc.gov:8081/standards/sru/specs/cql.html or

h. Draft Frequently Asked Questions

To be developed.

i. Proposed working title for the specifications to be developed.

SRU  - Search/Retrieve via URL
CQL - Contextual Query Language



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Opt-out requests may be sent to member-services@oasis-open.org,
however, all members are strongly encouraged to maintain a
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