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Subject: Proposed OASIS SET work and OASIS CAM

Just a quick note to make folks aware that we have been heavily working on XSLT with CAM in this exact area for the past two months.
The latest tools are available as OSS from http://wiki.oasis-open.org/cam/XSD_and_CAM 
They are also being integrated into the jCAM editor.

The idea is to generate wantlist.xml instances that can be used to build templates for use patterns.

The CAM excludeTree(), excludeElement() and excludeAttribute() assertions combined with XPath expressions provide the mechanisms for this model refinements.

The current implementation is using the wantlist.xml format from http://www.NIEM.gov with extensions.

Approach extends the current NIEM approach - which has strong connections to the SET goals from draft charter - e.g. NIEM is already using these XSD techniques to control model and build subsets - see NIEM charter and implementors guidelines.

Seems like we can quickly apply these lessons learned in area of NIEM and CAM to goals of SET - and offer people a suite of XSLT tools to assist with implementation.

Thanks, DW

Chair CAM TC.

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